Floral Demonstration, Oakland, CA

I participated in the 14th Annual Tulip Event in North Oakland, CA from Merritt College today and made a Cascading Wedding Bouquet. I was fortunate to have a variety of high-quality materials to work with. (Thanks to my teacher, Kay and Mountain View Cemetery!) The flowers I used are: three kinds of Roses, Calla lily, Tulip, Dendrobium Orchid, Rice Flower, Hellebore, Freesia, Orlaya White Lace Flower and Ranunculus. The trailing greenery is Plumosa Fern. After the demonstration, the lucky audience received flowers. There will be a demonstration by San Francisco City College tomorrow at the same place. If you have a chance, I recommend that you stop by. The demonstration starts at 2:00 PM. Naho

If you would like a Cascading Bridal Bouquet like the image below, please CONTACT us.