Why floral designs cost more than grocery store flowers

My teacher used an interesting example using eggs to explain why floral designs cost more than grocery store flowers so I would like to share it with you.

She started by asking “How much does an egg cost?” I like to find organic free range eggs. They are around $5.50 per dozen at the grocery store I go to. That makes an egg 46 cents. “How about an omelet?” A three egg omelet can cost 12 dollars. If you went home and cooked an omelet with the eggs you bought, it would only cost you $1.38. So why is there an additional $10.62 if you order it at a restaurant? Restaurants add the extra so that they can pay for rent, utilities, employees, insurance, vehicle(s), taxes, and so much more that we do not see in addition to fresh ingredients.

Flowers are the same. You could go to a grocery store and buy a prepackaged 18 dollar bouquet. If you simply put it in a vase, that is all you have to pay. But if you hire a floral designer to design it, he/she will have to charge you more than 18 dollars to make up for their cost of having a business. Make sense?

What we do is to work with you to figure out what we can do within your budget. You might not be getting David Austin Roses, but there are so many other alternatives we can choose from. We just need to be open-minded and communicate. So next time you are hiring a floral design company, do not be shy to talk about your budget if it is tight. In the end, most designers want to please their clients. They will be happy to help.