Flower Crown for a Prom, Berkeley, CA

I find my job to be very rewarding. Today was no exception. Tomoko reached out to me and asked to make her daughter a floral crown for her prom. Her request was to incorporate flowers that match the sunflower dress her daughter will be wearing. Sunflowers are pretty but can be heavy and may not be suitable for what we are doing so I suggested that we use yellow daisies or chrysanthemums that look similar to sunflowers. I was a bit nervous about not being able to find the particular flowers with brown in the middle but I was fortunate to find them.

Last night, I assembled the flower crown. In addition to the yellow chrysanthemums, I used star jasmine and baby’s breath. I had just enough chrysanthemums to make the flower crown for the daughter and a matching corsage for the mom as a gift.

This morning, I handed the order to Tomoko who was on her way to the prom. The feedback was great! She said that she got a lot of complements from her friends and the flower crown fit her daughter’s head correctly. Here are some of the pictures she shared with me. Thank you, Tomoko for the opportunity to work with you!

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