Vibrant Fall Floral Centerpiece Made with Flowers from Trader Joe’s

A Colorful Centerpiece

I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and saw gorgeous rose hip for sale which prompted me to make a few arrangements with the flowers purchased there. Note that not all of their flowers are in a great condition so checking their freshness is very important. Also, when you buy flowers, make sure you condition them. Here is how: 1) Prepare water with flower food and put it in clean buckets. 2) Take the wrappers off the flowers and remove leaves that will be below water level. 3) Using a sharp floral knife or scissors, cut the bottom of each stem and immediately put it into the bucket. 4) Make sure your materials are well hydrated before you start arranging them.

In this centerpiece, I used rose, rose hip, three kinds of Chrysanthemum, Leucadendron, Seeded Eucalyptus and dried Crocosmia (I already had this). I had an earthy ceramic bowl which was perfect for what I was making. For the water source, I used 1/3 floral foam.

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