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California Certified Florist

CA Certified Florist

I am very excited to announce that I have become a California Certified Florist. To celebrate this, we are giving 10% off on your next purchase of $100.00 or more until December 31, 2019. We are still accepting holiday centerpiece orders.

California Certified Florist Exam

The California Certified Florist (CCF) is a certification program for florists and floral designers sponsored by the California State Floral Association. The CCF Program recognizes proficiency of professional knowledge and expertise. Testing is based on suggested rading materials and practical design experience.

Being certified as a California Certified Florist means not only does Naho’s Floral Design have the knowledge of handling and techniques of designing floral materials but also has joined a network of floral professionals committed to excellence.

Please contact us today for more details. Phone: 510-898-1701, Email: nahosfloral[at]

Naho Kermeen CCF

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