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Wedding Arch Flowers

Wedding Arch
Wedding Arch Decoration

Romantic Wedding Arch Flowers are a wonderful addition to your ceremony. This is where the bride and groom stand under to say their vows. Also called an arbor. The arch could be made of wood or metal. In this case, we had a 5’x7′ copper arch custom made which is now available for rent.

There are many ways to decorate a wedding arches. This is on a more elaborate one but you may choose to have just one corner decorated if that’s the style you like.

As a certified florist, we make sure that the wedding arch flowers will look as pretty as they can be on the wedding day. Some flowers drink more water than others. Some foliage will be fine without a water source for the day. We look at each material and design the mechanics properly. If your wedding is going to be on a hot day, a well-thought-out design is essential. Flowers are perishable.

The large blossoms in the photo are Secret Garden Rose. Notice the decoration shaped like a heart!

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