Dry Flower Wreath

Dry Flower Wreath

We are into the third week of shelter in place in the Bay Area. Most events have been cancelled or postponed and we are all staying home. This is the time we need to be creative and find things that we enjoy at home so we can maintain our mental health. For me, that has to do with flowers! So I decided to make a dry flower wreath using the materials I already had.

Whenever I make floral designs, I try to find things I can preserve. Once I accumulated enough materials, I make a dry flower wreath. It’s such a fun project for which I get to be creative.

How to make the wreath

For this dry flower wreath, I used a 12″ grape vine base which I purchased from Amazon. Roses, Misty and Eryngium a.k.a Sea Holly were once in my arrangements. I specifically bought and dried my Strawflowers when they were available at the market. I also added some lavender florets as I had to trim in my garden.

When making a wreath, make sure to add depth to it so it won’t look flat. You can layer things to achieve that. Some are tucked in and some pop out.

I first lay my materials on the wreath base to decide on the placements, then I use my hot glue gun and glue each piece to the base. Note: When working with a hot glue gun, be sure to have a bowl of water nearby in case you get the glue on your hand by accident. You should put your hand in cold water so it gets hard immediately and peels off easily.

Once I glued everything, I added a string to the back of the wreath and hung it on the wall to make sure I like the way it is.

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