Contemporary Floral Designs

What are Contemporary Floral Designs?

Contemporary Floral Designs focus on clean lines, ample negative space and bold forms. Often, these designs use interesting and exotic materials. For example, tropical flowers and foliage.

Line is an important element that outlines each design – whether it is triangular, round, oval, or an open curve. It is a path leading your eye through the design.

  • Contemporary Arrangement
  • Crescent shaped yellow oriental lily arrangement
  • Festive New Year Arrangement
  • Asymmetrical Floral Design
  • Formal Linear Arrangement
  • Linear Arrangement
  • Birds nestling in bed of orchid and tropical leaves

Who likes Contemporary Floral Designs?

If Ikebana style, tropical flowers, or bold designs with large glossy foliage speaks to you, this type of design may be for you.

Our customers choose this style for different occasions such as birthdays, get-well, celebrations, or to decorate their office. In addition, if the arrangement is going to a hospital or nursing home, it may be safe to avoid flowers with a strong scent such as oriental lilies or certain roses.

This type of design will not be found in grocery stores. Therefore, if you are looking for one, we recommend that you contact a skillful florist and look at their portfolio.

We make custom designed floral arrangements and deliver them to your doorstep in Berkeley, Oakland and the surrounding area. Please Contact us today and speak to our designer! If you would like to see more photos, please follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

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