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If you have never order flowers for a funeral, you probably have questions. On this page, we will address frequently asked questions and answer them so keep reading.

Q1: Who buys funeral flowers?

Family members, relatives, friends, coworkers, employers, and acquaintances of both the deceased and family.

Q2: Who are funeral flowers for?

Both the deceased and their family.

Q3: Who to address funeral flowers?

They should be addressed to the deceased because that’s how funeral services organize the services.

Q4: When should funeral flowers be delivered?

Usually the day of the service but sometimes funeral homes accept them the day before depending on the time of the service and their policy.

Q5: When to order funeral flowers?

As soon as possible. Contact a florist near the venue and order flowers to be delivered for the service as soon as you find out the name of the deceased and the venue. Waiting until the last minute can limit your choice or put you in a situation where you find no one to deliver the flowers on time. At Naho’s Floral Design, we contact the funeral services for our customers and confirm the window of the flower delivery.

Q6: Where to order flowers?

A local florist that is available for delivery to the funeral service on the day of the service. Most florists in our Service Area are closed on Sunday and Monday. We deliver orders daily. For anywhere outside our service area, please contact us. We may be able to help you.

Q7: Where to send funeral flowers?

Where the funeral service takes place. You can also send flowers to homes.

Q8: Can you keep funeral flowers?

Some families take the flowers home and some let the participants take them home. Note that event flowers including funeral flowers are designed to look at their best on the day of the event. Flowers are often fully open which means that they are not going to last very long after the event.

Q9: What funeral flowers to send?

This depends on the family’s religious and cultural background. We recommend that you ask the family to see if there are any restrictions. For example, Japanese Buddhists avoid flowers with thorns such as Roses and Thistles, and they prefer all white or white with a hint of soft colors. At Chinese funerals, lots of yellow and red flowers are used. Some culture avoid red flowers for funerals as they represent happiness.

Additionally, if you are the closest family member trying to figure out what types of flowers to order, you should consider the followings:

A pair of Standing Sprays

Funeral flowers: Standing Sprays with Orchids
Photo: Two Premium Standing Sprays with Orchids

A Casket Spray

Funeral flowers: All White Casket Spray
Photo: A Premium Casket Cover with Orchids

A pair of Altar Arrangements

Funeral flowers: Altar Arrangements
Photo: Two 24″ Altar Arrangements

A few flower arrangement for the sign-in table

Funeral flowers: Small Arrangements
Photo: Three Deluxe Vase Arrangements

You can customize the flowers, colors, and sizes. Call us to speak with our designer. 510-898-1701.

Q10: How much funeral flowers cost?

For a decent vase arrangement, you should probably expect to spend at least $100. For anything on an easel such as Standing Sprays and Funeral Wreaths, it will probably start around $200. Delivery and sales tax incur. If you know another party sending flowers to the same service, combine the orders so you might be able to save on delivery cost.

Q11: Do funeral flowers have to be white? Can sympathy flowers be colorful?

No, you can send colorful flowers as long as there are no restrictions on the recipient’s side. If the family is going to have all white flowers, you should also send all white flowers.

Q12: What funeral flowers to send?

You can send any flowers as long as you know what to avoid. See Q9.

For any other questions, please call us at 510-898-1701.

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