Alternative Delivery Method

Alternative Delivery Method – For those who missed the deadline for the same day delivery or would like to send flowers outside our service area, we encourage you to try UBER Connect Same-Day Package Delivery.

UBER Connect Same-Day Package Delivery

UBER Connect Same-Day Package Delivery works great for a small flower arragenengement. For a vase arrangement, we will use floral foam to avoid spillage. We will package it to minimize the damage during the transport but this does not guarantee the condition of the arrangement when it arrives to its destination. This will not work for large designs such as Standing Sprays and Funeral Wreaths.

Pick up
  1. Order flowers on our website
    Place an order for your flowers online HERE and choose “Pick up” as delivery method.
  2. This step is important! Please call us at 510-898-1701 and get the earliest pickup time bofore you proceed to step 3.

3. Reserve an UBER service

Just like when you get a ride, you can request the service using the UBER app on your smartphone. Have the driver pick up your order at our location : 7080 Westmoorland Dr, Berkeley, CA 94705 and deliver it to the destination you want. Please include our mobile phone number: 510-900-9137 so we will be notified. Cost varies.

Alternative Delivery Method


Naho’s Floral Design will not be responsible for accidents, damages, or delays once your order has been handed to the UBER driver you had chosen. We are not able to assist you with the UBER app. If you have questions on how to use the app, please contact UBER.

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