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Centerpiece with Peony Tulips and Roses
Centerpiece with Peony Tulips and Roses

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We would love to hear from you and look forward to receiving your inquiry and hearing more about your upcoming event. We try our best to get back to everyone quickly, but in case you didn’t hear from us in 24 hours, please contact us by phone or text during our business hours.

Other ways to contact us

Phone: 510-898-1701

Text: 510-900-9137

Naho’s Floral Design is open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time Sunday to Saturday unless notified on our website. Thank you for your interest! We appreciate your business.  


Q1: Where is your service area?

A1: Our general service area includes Berkeley, Oakland, Orinda, Piedmont, and the surrounding area. Depending on the order value and timing, we may extend our delivery service. Please contact us for more information.

Q2: How much does an arrangement cost?

A2: Our arrangement of the day is $79 and available for both pickup and delivery within our service area. If you would like a custom design, we offer Standard for $100, Deluxe for $150, and Premium for $200. For delivery, an additional fee (starting at $15) and sales tax apply. Please visit HOME DELIVERY and FLOWERS FOR PICK UP for more information. Contact us for questions including customized pricing.

Q3: Will you deliver to a hospital?

A3: Yes, we deliver to residences, businesses, hotels, hospitals, and senior homes in the area. During the pandemic, we may have to leave the flowers at the reception desk or with the security guard depending on the facility’s policy.

Q4: Can you deliver flowers to a funeral?

A4: Absolutely. We need the deceased person’s name and the name of the venue. We will contact the venue and find out when the delivery needs to arrive.

Q5: Can I come in your shop and pick what I want?

A5: We are a studio based business. Our studio is not equipped to have customers come in. Instead, we offer a complementary consultation over the phone, email or text where you can make requests and ask questions.

Also, we share photos of our work on our website, Instagram, Facebook, Google local business, and Yelp. If you see something you like, please send us a screenshot. It will be helpful for our designer to know what you would like.

Q6: Can I come pick up some flowers?

A6: Of course! Please contact us and place your order first, then let us know when you will be here to pick up your order. We will have it ready for you.

Q7: Can you send me a photo of the finished design?

A7: We will send it to you if we can afford the time to photograph the design. There will be no charge for this extra service. However, please understand, as a florist, our first priority is to create beautiful designs and deliver them to the correct address on time. In case we couldn’t accommodate your request, we suggest that you ask the recipient to send you one.

Q8: Do you sell artificial flowers?

A8: No, we only sell fresh flowers. You can try Michael’s.

Q9: Do you carry dry flowers?

A9: We do not have many dry flowers in stock but may be able to source them if you give us enough time.

Q10: Do you sell plants?

A10: We do sell house plants such as Orchids, Peace Lily, indoor foliage, and potted succulents. If you are looking for garden plants, please contact a nursery.

Q11: Do you resell bulk flowers for my DIY project?

A11: No, Naho’s Floral Design is a floral design business. We don’t sell bulk flowers.

Q12: I’m looking for low-cost wedding flowers. Can you send me a quote?

A12: To create a quote, we need you to send us your budget and an itemized list with quantity for each item. Please note that as a small business that provides quality designs and exceptional customer service, we cannot compete with discount florists out there. If you really want to save money, please consider DIY.

Q13: Is it true that there is a flower shortage?

A13: Sadly, that’s true. The floral industry has been affected by the pandemic, extreme weather and the skyrocketed demands for flowers. HERE is a link to a useful blog post that our wholesaler shared if you are interested in learning more about the issues. Although we are doing everything we can to find the floral materials, in some cases, substitutions are necessary. We would really appreciate your patience and flexibility when ordering flowers.

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