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Home Delivery

Call us at 510-898-1701, text to 510-900-9137 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM to get help or scroll down to order online 24/7! Free delivery to zip code 94705 and 94618. Pickups also available.

Home Delivery now Available! If you or your loved ones have been spending a lot of time at home during the pandemic, some fresh flowers might cheer you/them up. In fact, there are scientific studies done to prove that flowers make us happy. Yes, more flowers means more happy people!

Great experience start to finish.   Somehow Naho converted my inadequate words to exactly what I wanted for my daughter’s birthday.    The design was so beautiful.   I called her from out of state and somehow she knew exactly the right questions to ask and it ended in the perfect happy arrangement.  Thank you, Naho!!!!” – Rebecca Y.

Nothing but exceptional. Outstanding personal and kind service. Naho created a custom floral arrangement for my mom, she asked me what my vision was and she delivered beyond what I could have even dreamed up. Very reasonably priced considering the quality of the flowers and the size of the custom arrangement. For the price you could order something from a chain online, Naho can create a special work of art for you! Made my mom, who is very particular… very very happy! – Sophia A.

Flower Subscription Program: We offer uniquely handcrafted arrangements with fresh flowers and foliage to your doorstep one time, weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Handcrafted Floral Designs with Freshly Sourced Flowers and Foliage

A variety of styles available: Classic, Romantic, Contemporary, or Ikebana

Contact us for questions or more options! Custom pricing available.

Call us at 510-898-1701 or text to 510-900-9137 to pay by Venmo

Order online

Designer’s Choice

This is the economical choice. We will choose everything that goes into this beautiful arrangement. Colors and flowers will vary depending upon our freshest stock. This differs from our custom designs in that it is quicker to make and suitable for same day delivery.

*Free delivery to zip code 94705 and 94618! Floral materials for each design will be selected depending on availabilities.

Custom Designs

When you specify the type and quantity of flowers to be used, or if you want us to replicate something you see on our website, then you want the Custom Design category. Different types of arrangements are available, such as Classic, Romantic, Contemporary, or Ikebana.

Tell us what you want and we’ll give you a few different price points, please contact us to discuss. We do a lot of this type of work and we love it. We may not have the flowers in stock so these custom designs are not always available for same day delivery, but please don’t be reluctant to ask!

House Plant Garden

Our House Plant category consists of artfully designed arrangements using long-lasting house plants. They are often Orchids, but not always. We add vibrant, green foliage and typically use a low profile pot or rustic wooden box and finish with decorative moss or wood chips.

Mostly ordered for sympathy or get well soon, but also when folks prefer something that will last longer than cut flowers. It will be obvious to the recipient that you didn’t go to a grocery store for this.

*Free delivery to zip code 94705 and 94618! Floral materials for each design will be selected depending on availabilities.


Greeting Card

After placing your order online, please text to 510-900-9137 or email to with the following information:

  1. Your card message – All message cards are handwritten. No more than 20 words can fit on our complementary cards. Please purchase a standard greeting card ($4.00 plus tax) if you have more to say.
  2. Preferred Delivery Date / Pickup Date and Time
  3. Preference (Color, Style, Flowers, etc.) A bouquet of the day is designer’s choice only.

Unique design with a personal touch

We add a personal touch to each one of our designs such as freshly cut flowers or foliage right out of our garden, or a creative idea that makes you say “Wow!” Our flower arrangements are not mass produced, everything here is crafted with care. This is what makes Naho’s Floral Design special. Try us and see what we mean!

Knowing when your order will be delivered gives you peace of mind

Deliveries are available to both homes and businesses in Berkeley, Oakland, Orinda, Piedmont, and the surrounding area. If you buy from us, you will never have to worry about what happened to your order. We will provide you with an estimated delivery time and notify you when the delivery has been complete.

Open daily including Sunday!

We are conveniently open 7 days a week from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We accept Venmo (@nahos-floral) and major credit cards. Contact us online, call us at 510-898-1701 or text to 510-900-9137 for inquiries.

I couldn’t have stumbled upon a better florist- it was under unfortunate circumstances, but I can’t say great enough things about Naho’s floral. Best part about this place? They have a number you can text and basically get everything answered. I found her on Yelp and texted late at night- not only were my questions answered promptly, but she was so efficient & got my ordered handled instantly. I didn’t get to see a photo of the exact arrangement that was delivered, but she did not disappoint. (A sample photo was sent of a larger arrangement similar to mine) The recipient was grateful & the photo she sent to me of the flowers blew me away for the cost! Love love love everything about Naho’s Floral. If you need floral, please come here. So thankful for them. – Christie S.

Looking for flowers for a wedding, an event, or a memorial service? Visit our services.

Flower Subscription Program

Purchase 3 Designs and Save on Delivery Fee. Choose from Standard, Deluxe and Premium

If you stay home a lot and love flowers, we suggest our flower subscription program. By becoming a subscriber, you (or your loved one) will receive a seasonal flower arrangement every month for 3 months.

Moreover, this program works well for your loved ones in senior homes. Because visiting them is restricted, our contactless flower deliveries is an excellent choice. It can make them happy and provide them with something to look forward to.

*Floral materials for each design will be selected depending on availabilities.

Subscription Plans for Businesses

A set of 3 fall arrangements delivered to a business in Berkeley

Choose a plan from weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Once your account is set up, we will bring fresh arrangements and take the old ones back. Hassle free on your end! Please contact us for more details.

Call 510-898-1701, or Text to 510-900-9137

*Floral materials for each design will be selected depending on availabilities.

Pumpkin Arrangement

Holiday Orders (Now accepting preorders)

If you would like to have a centerpiece or a flower arrangement for yourself or your friend for the holidays, please preorder as soon as possible. You may order online or call us at 510-898-1701.

Holiday Centerpiece
Holiday Centerpiece

*Floral materials may be substituted.

Note: All orders are subject to sales tax. Please Contact us for more information. Or call us at 510-898-1701

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