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Contemporary Desgin (Small/Vibrant Color)

Order flowers online 24/7! Our order cut-off for same day delivery is at noon. Online orders that come in after the cut-off will most likely to be delivered on the next business day unless you specify a future delivery date.

Our standard local delivery window is between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM. This means that your order may not arrive until 5:00 PM. If you would really like to make sure that the recipient will have their flowers early, we suggest that you request the delivery date to be a day early. If you need to expedite your order delivery, we offer Expedited Delivery Options.

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Order Flowers: Custom Designs

When you specify the type or color(s) of flowers, or if you want to send a taller arrangement, or a smaller but full arrangement, then you want the Custom Design category. Different types of arrangements are available, such as Classic and Contemporary.

Take a look at our Instagram page and see if you see something you like. Or simply choose the size and color scheme, and leave it up to us. 

We may not have the exact flowers in stock so these custom designs are not always available for same or next day delivery, but please don’t be reluctant to ask!

Order flowers online 24/7

Available from Tuesday through Friday. Our Spring Garden Arrangement comes with beautiful Garden Roses and seasonal blooms. Choose your size and color scheme from soft and vibrant. *Colors and types of flowers will depend on the availability. 

No same-day delivery on this order. Please place an order ahead of time. 

This is the most flexible type of arrangement. You may request color(s) or flowers you would like. If the flowers you requested are not available, we will discuss the alternatives. Peonies are typically available from late May to June.

For an Ikebana style design, please choose the Custom Desgin – Contmporary Style.  

This type of sympathy arrangement is designed for home delivery. Choose your color scheme from the drop-down menu. If you are looking for funeral flowers, please visit our Sympathy Flowers page.

This is our signature product. The arrangement will have 1-2 Orchid plants depending on the size you choose. It will be designed with seasonal cut flowers. The recipient will be able to remove the Orchid plant when the cut flowers are done and enjoy it for a long time. 

Colors and types of flowers depend on the availability. Dahlias from our garden are typically available in July – August.

A centerpiece is suitable for a table top. It is usually low profile so that people can sit across from each other and still see their faces. Our designer will choose the best container for the design from glass, wood and ceramic. Choose the size and color scheme you would like. Floral materials depend on availability and may not look exactly like the product photos. Peonies are typically available late May to June.

Order Flowers: Designer’s Choice

This is the economical choice. We will choose everything that goes into this beautiful arrangement. Colors and flowers will vary depending upon our freshest stock. This differs from our custom designs in that it is quicker to make and suitable for same day delivery.

The bouquet of the day will be wrapped in craft paper and does not come with a vase. 

You may choose the size form Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. The Standard size is for pickup only.

The Vase Arrangement of the Day comes with a glass vase. If you have specific reuqests, please order a Custom Design – Vase Arrangement.

If you like contemporary design or are a minimalist, or simply want something different, this is a good choice. Our designs usually come in earthy or more contemporary ceramic containers, whichever is more appropriate for the arrangement. This type of arrangements are typically one-sided. 

Colors and type of flowers depend on the availability.


If you would like to send a card message that exceeds 20 words with the flowers, you may add a Naho’s Floral Design Original Greeting Card to your cart at checkout. The message will be handwritten and the card comes with an envelope.

Add a 4″ balloon to be incorporated in your vase arrangement order. Choose the occasion from the drop-down menu. (Colors and designs may vary.)

Add a glazed porcelain cherub pick to your sympathy vase arrangement order.

Spring Arrangement with Peony

Something Extraordinary

Spring Arrangement with Peony $220 currently out of stock

Call us 510-898-1701 or Email us!

Flower Subscription Program

Purchase 3, 6, or 12 Designs and Save on Delivery Fee. Choose from Small ($79 each), Medium ($99 each) and Large ($139 each)

If you stay home a lot and love flowers, we suggest our flower subscription program. By becoming a subscriber, you (or your loved one) will receive a seasonal flower arrangement every month for 3-12 months.

Moreover, this program works well for your loved ones in senior homes. You place an order one time, and we will deliver a beautiful arrangement to them every month for 3-12 months. You will be able to extend the program however long you would like. It can make them happy and provide them with something to look forward to.


These products make excellent gifts for folks who prefer something that will last longer than cut flowers, and businesses such as offices and restaurants. 

Our Orchid Garden consists of beautiful long-lasting Orchid plant(s). The number of plants depend on the size you choose. We typically use a low profile pot or rustic wooden box and finish with twigs, rocks, decorative moss or wood chips.

If you would like Orchids other than white, please make a request by phone or email. *It may result in delayed delivery. 

Our succulent gardens consist of different varieties and come in pots. (Most of the succulents are grown here!) You may not get the same exact varieties as the product photo but we make sure each of them is fresh. 

The Small size is for pickup only.

How to place an order online

  1. Choose the product, size, and color scheme (if available).
  2. Add the product to Cart.
  3. Enter the requested delivery date and card message. Our cut-off for the same day delivrey is at noon.
  4. Click on “Checkout”.
  5. Enter your email address and choose “Ship” for delivery. Please make sure to add a phone number of the recepient.
  6. Enter your credit card information and billing address.
  7. Click on the blue button to Pay now.

If you have any trouble, please call us at 510-898-1701. Thank you

Specialty Items

Our hand-crafted Orchid Leis are adjustable which allow anyone to wear comfortably.

These are not likely to be available for the same day pickup or delivery. Please call us for more info.

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