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What is a casket cover and spray flowers?

A casket cover, also known as casket spray is an arrangement of flowers that cascade across the top of a casket at a funeral. Depending on the religion, they are considered a necessity during funerals, and no funeral seems to be complete without one. Flowers are used to convey sentiments when words aren’t enough. As a tradition, either the spouse or a deceased’s immediate family member will usually arrange for a casket cover or spray.

What we offer

We make both one-sided and all-round arrangements. A larger one is more suitable for a closed casket while a smaller one is for a half-open casket. Colors and types of flowers are customizable. The size and types of flowers you choose will determine the cost of the arrangement. The deceased’s disposition and preferences are usually significant factors in deciding what to choose. The most commonly used flowers for this type of arrangement are roses and carnations. Our most popular color for this type of arrangement is white but it can be a mixture of colors.

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Purple and White Casket Cover