Terms and Conditions

Custom Contemporary Design (Crescent)

Terms and Conditions – Naho’s Floral Design strives to provide the best customer service available. It is our belief that as a real flower shop, we understand and appreciate the concerns of shoppers regarding the security and proper fulfillment of their orders. We have established our policy to provide our customers with a complete understanding of we process our orders.

Terms and Conditions – Order Pickup and Delivery

Order Pickup

If the customer has picked up the floral arrangement or plant, and has seen the quality of the flowers, it is the responsibility of the customer to then transport and care for the flowers once they have left our studio.


Incorrect Address/Re-Delivery Changes to address information or incorrect addresses resulting in a re-delivery will be subject to an additional delivery charge. Re-delivery is only available within 24 hours after the first attempt.

Undelivered Orders

If any customer claims an order was not delivered, we ask that we are given at least 24 hours to investigate and to determine what has occurred. In many cases, delivery was attempted but either the recipient was not home/office and/or no neighbors were available to accept the order.

If it is determined that Naho’s Floral Design did not make the delivery attempt, it is our policy that we will provide you with a refund.

Terms and Conditions – Designs

Custom Designs

We offer Custom Designs where you can specify the color scheme (soft or vibrant colors) and the height of the arrangement. The height cannot exceed 2 times the height of the vase or 30 inches, whichever is smaller. Please choose either soft or vibrant colors at checkout. Requests other than color scheme must also be communicated at the time the order is placed, not after the fact.

When ordering online, you can input this information in the text box labelled “requested delivery date and card message” on the order page. Or you can send us an email within 30 minutes of placing your order. Finally, not all requests can be accommodated. For example, if you specify a particular type of flower and for some reason we cannot supply that flower, we will let you know and suggest substitutions.

Designer’s Choice (Bouquet of the day and Vase arrangement of the day)

By placing your order for Designer’s Choice, you are putting your trust in us. We will create the arrangement to fit the occasion, as we see it. Thus the name, Designer’s Choice. You won’t have the opportunity to specify the design, this is the compromise when you order our least expensive product. But the quality will be the same as any priced arrangement and we will use the same level of care, as if we were making it for our own family member.

Substitutions Allowed

Naho’s Floral Design will always attempt to fulfill an order as closely as possible. However if the container, flowers, plants or other items that comprise the order are unavailable, we will substitute the order with content equal to the original value of the order.

When a customer allows substitutions, this means that the sender is allowing Naho’s Floral Design to use flowers or flowers they have on-hand to work with while trying to keep the arrangement as similar as possible. This may mean that the recipient does not necessarily receive an arrangement identical to the sample picture though every effort is made to do so. In cases of specialty items, such as items in a ceramic container, we willl substite with a different container with similar value.

Terms and Conditions – Payments

Naho’s Floral Design reserves the right to reject any order provided to us that we deem questionable or possibly fraudulent. When Naho’s Floral Design receives an order, we review the entire order and periodically compare the information provided to us with the bank of the person placing the order. If we determine that fraudulent information is provided we will send an email or phone call to the sender to inform them of the situation to determine if the information was provided in error.

Payment Methods

Naho’s Floral Design takes major credit cards such as Visa and Master. There will be an extra charge for AMEX.

Terms and Conditions – Cancellations, Refund & Return Policy


Should any customer place an order through Naho’s Floral Design and then need to cancel the order, the cancellation must be made prior to the delivery of the order and there will be a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee schedule is as follows:

More than 8 days before the scheduled delivery date – 25% cancellation fee

7-3 days before the scheduled delivery date, – 75% cancellation fee

Within 2 days of the scheduled delivery date – 100% cancellation fee

We are unable to cancel same day delivery and pickup orders. To cancel your order, it is best if you call us at 510-898-1701 for a faster response. Cancellations will not be accepted if a customer places an order but provides information that prevents direct delivery, such as in the case of a wrong office or home address. If the customer can provide new, correct information so that the order can then be properly delivered then we will complete the delivery for a re-delivery fee.

Refund & Return Policy

Naho’s Floral Design strives to make you the most satisfying arrangement possible within the limitations of your budget and the flowers available. Because we make each arrangement on a custom basis, all sales are final.

If you request an order delivery to a residence Naho’s Floral Design requires confirmation that either the recipient will be home to receive the arrangement or that it is ok to leave the arrangement outside. We understand that people love to surprise others with flowers and we support this. Unfortunately, with the rise of the porch bandit, we cannot leave deliveries outside unless the buyer or recipient agrees.

If you place an order to be delivered to a recipient at work or in a facility, we will first try to deliver the flower arrangement to the recipient. Depending on the recipient’s work schedule or the security/safety policy of their workplace or the facility, we may leave the arrangement at the reception desk or with a security guard.

Naho’s Floral Design is not responsible for any order where the recipient refuses to accept the item. We will not issue refunds to any customer where the recipient, for whatever reason, will not accept the item or refuses delivery.

Service We don’t provide

Photographs of the Arrangements

We are a small floral design studio with a limited resources. As we handle multiple orders and tasks throughout the day, we regret that we are unable to accommodate photograph requests.

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