Other Funeral Flowers

Other funeral flowers
Contemporary style arrangement for the sign-in table

Other funeral flowers – In addition to standing sprays, funeral wreaths, and casket covers, consider these products.

Our funeral crosses come in 3 grades: Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. White is the most common color for the crosses but you may request for other color.

For flower letter tributes, we have MOM and DAD. Please choose the color(s) for your order.

If you have just started to prepare for a memorial service or funeral, please go HERE. For standing sprays and funeral wreath, please visit HERE. If you are looking for a casket cover, please visit HERE.

Any other funeral flowers can be custom designed. We share many photos on our Instagram page if you need to get some inspiration. If you have any questions, please call us during our business hours and speak to the designer. Phone: 510-898-1701

We have systems in place to deliver large funeral arrangements and recommend that you have us deliver to the funeral service. We arrive approximately one hour before the service starts. If you think you can pick them up in your own vehicle, there is no charge. Please be sure to make an appointment with us and come by on time.