Flower Ring

Flower Ring

I have just finished a fun project to make a flower ring. For the focal point, I used one of the baby succulents that I grew on my porch. I then added some Wax Flower and Seeded Eucalyptus. This is when you can be very creative. Consider adding dried materials, beads, decorative wires, rhinestones, etc,

Here is how I made the ring:

I started by making an adjustable ring using a flat wire. Once I made the ring base, I took some bullion wire and made a ball. Then I flattened the ball to create a flat surface for the ring base. The ring base and the bullion wire can be wired together.

Using a floral knife or scissors, I gave the stems of the floral materials straight cut removing them as much as possible. For fresh flowers, you should always use cold glue such as OASIS Floral Adhesive instead of hot glue as heat will damage the flowers. (You can use hot glue guns for dried or artificial materials.)

Place floral materials as if you are crating a bouquet on the flower ring base. The design should have a focal point, depth, texture, and all other design elements and principals.

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