Floating Installation

Flower Cloud

Flower Cloud

Floating installation can be a statement piece for an event. Once you know the mechanics and have everything you need, it is not very hard to do.

This time, we made a dreamy Baby’s Breath flower cloud and hung it on a metal arch. Here, we are going to show you how to do the floating installation.

The nice thing about Baby’s Breath is that it will hold up without water and gradually dry nicely so there is no water source to worry about. What we used for the floating installation are florist netting or chicken wire and a airplane cable. You will probably need a ladder as well.

First, cut the florist netting into a desired piece with wire cutter. (Always make sure to use wire cutter for florist netting. Other scissors may be ruined if you cut it with them.) Bend the ends and make a base. Using the airplane cable, attach the floral netting to the arch. Here is how it looks.

Cut Baby’s Breath into pieces and make a small bundle. Insert it into the florist netting one at a time. This will allow you to keep everything together tightly. Repeat the process until the florist netting has been completely covered and the cloud looks full. If you would like to achieve a whimsical or asymmetrical shape, add extra pieces of Baby’s Breath. We added some roses to the finished cloud for a color but they are optional.

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