Cascading Wedding Bouquet – 2020 Style

2020 Style Cascading Wedding Bouquet
2020 Style Cascading Wedding Bouquet Featuring Toffee Roses and Dyed Tulips


When making a cascading wedding bouquet, some people use bouquet holders while others achieve the style by using naturally cascading products. With bouquet holders, you will have more control so it’ll be suitable if you are making a classic style bouquet. They also come with floral foam so if you are using delicate flowers like Orchids, you will want to use the holder. Since my bouquet was more casual and natural 2020 style, I made mine without a bouquet holder.

One of the reasons why I call this bouquet 2020 style is its mechanics. More and more environmentally friendly people prefer reusable or biodegradable materials thus this arrangement was made with florist wire. The following image on the left is he mechanics I used. The image on the right is the side view of the bouquet.


Toffee Rose is a rich, tan, light brown rose that is very unique. Due to the popularity of this rose, be sure to place your orders early to ensure that we can get them for your event.

Although I tend to avoid artificially colored floral materials, these Tulips were amazingly beautiful. I believe they are “Brownies”.

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